The India Law and Technology Blog (ILTB), has been around in different avatars and on different domains from 2007 commenting on legal issues affecting, technology, media and telecoms. Today it exists as a collaborative weblog where the contributing authors are lawyers working and researching on issues affecting these sectors.

The authors through this blog not only write pieces on the black letter law but also often prescribe policy choices. To keep their opinions (and their jobs) completely independent they express it wholly in their own personal, individual capacity. No part of their writing is linked to their clients or employers (and distant relatives).

Though it may sound rude, but let’s be clear, the authors are not your lawyers. If they were there would be an invoice attached to the posts. However, don’t let this stand in the way of getting in touch with them or commenting on a post.

While this site does not moderate comments which results in it benefitting from contrary view points and sometimes some spam, it does not tolerate personal attacks and hate speech (where “personal attacks” and “hate speech” are narrowly defined).

Regarding copyright, all writings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License so please feel free to copy/link/leeech the content created here subject to its terms. The site relies on a great community of photographers who generously share their vision under similar Creative Commons licenses. The authors take care while using external content, but in case of any complaints or notices please use the contact form.

If you think it is strange for a legal website to not have a terms of service agreement, you just read one.


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