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Welcome to a redesigned India Law and Technology Blog. Before commencing on this redesign, we often wondered whether there was even a need for such a drastic change and whether we could continue with further tweaking and experimenting with free wordpress templates.

However, in time we realized that a law blog (or rather we) required a be-spoke theme. We are listing our reasons below for major design decisions and hope to have your suggestions and comments on how this blog works and how we can make it even better.

authors: improving collaboration

One of our authors had started this blog as a personal blog and sometime in 2010 he made a decision to make it more collaborative. The redesign completes this transition. Each of the contributors to ILTB are now listed in the footer below and each enjoys equal visibility.

Above and beyond this, the appearance of the blog looks more professional in keeping with the content on it. To build trust and connect with readers we have a separate author’s page which lists regular contributors with their pictures as well as their online world. Having said this, the blog continues to be open to all points of view and thoughts. Towards this it continues to present the personal and not the professional opinions of the authors.

p.s. ashwini’s profile will be uploaded shortly

blog posts: for we are lawyers

Earlier we wasted a lot of space in a section which we termed as asides. This contained a blurb on a news story in the news and tech sector along with a link to news source which contained the article. In doing this we were wasting a lot of space and giving it equal visibility as our blog posts. This departed from our expertise and our strength.

Indubitably news reporting gets more sharing and hence more visibility but let’s face it, we are lawyers. Due to our training we are better suited to comment and provide opinion on legal developments in the technology sector. Now this is not to say we won’t link to news stories, but now we will keep it limited to the headlines. We have realized that it’s better to cater to the niche audience we have with longer, analysis filled posts than merely paraphrasing news items.

resources: improving access to laws

While a lot of websites provide the text of the law’s we comment on, they suffer both in terms of content and form. The content several times does not reflect the latest amendments and changes by the legislature. Often the links are broken. This problem is most acute with delegated legislation such as rules, regulations and notifications which come out more frequently. Moreover, the listing of laws at most websites is not done coherently which impairs accessibility to these documents as well as discovery of new ones.

We hope we have achieved that with our resources section which is built on google docs. The section allows us a dynamic listing which we can change as per the changes in the laws and also contains a brief writeup describing each piece of legislation. This section to a large part is inspired by the experience of one of our authors who could not find the latest amendments to the Patents Act incorporated in the original statute online. Here we would also like to pay homage to SpicyIP which has been doing this for intellectual property laws in India for some time.

significant litigation: keeping track of it

Often in our posts we commented on judicial determinations and interim orders and a frequent request was providing a copy of the orders. Now while the text of most cases is freely available at Indian Kanoon it takes more clicks and takes away from the reader experience. Also at a very basic level the significant litigation section highlights and provides a listing of important litigation in the law and tech sector in India for browsing.

In cases of interim orders where the cases are pending one would like to know the case status and how it is progressing. Most importantly with multiple authors and multiple posts on the same case, we feel we needed a section on significant litigation. In some ways this section is a poorer cousin of the dockets listed on the Scotus Blog, however given our limited time, team and absence of PACER we are quite happy the way it has turned out.

events: some face time

We have previously stated as to how we have a narrow and niche audience, however there seems to a growing interest in this field of law and one notices quite a few conferences and events are being organized on the tech and law theme. We hope through our events section we can get more information out on these events. We are offering this feature through a google calendar feed which can easily be synched by our readers.

Before we end the redesign we would like to thank our web designer, Hussain who runs Chugs Designs. The cleaner appearance and the functional features of the blog owe their origin to his design philosophy.

We hope to hear from you as to how we can make this better so please drop us a mail and let us know what you think.

team ILTB

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