Commentary on Information Technology Act

I am pleased to inform our readers that the Second Edition of my book on the Information Technology Act is now on order from Lexis Nexis India. The book is a section based commentary on the principal enactment governing electronic commerce and online conduct in India. The 2nd Edition of the book has been completely rewritten keeping in mind the substantive changes caused by the 2008 amendment to the IT Act.

Though the book is essentially for lawyers and practitioners of the subject I have tried to keep the writing style clear and accessible. There are also other changes to improve the readability, such as:

  • Indian kanoon links for all case laws to improve ease of access (I hope in time we can move past our exclusive reliance on proprietary legal databases).
  • Unique and contextual, paragraph notes for each para of the commentary. These para notes tie in with the subject index at the back.
  • Comments on the recently made IT Rules (latest as of June 1, 2011)
  • Process flow diagrams for technical processes such as encryption and issue of digital signature certificates

You can get it at local legal bookshops and you can also order it online.

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