Consultation on Draft Rules under IT Act

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The latest Press Information Bureu release clarifies the status of the draft rules by saying essentially stating that they are drafts and nothing more than them. In a lot of ways it also recognizes the adverse media reports which have raised concerns as to the draft rules impacting free speech rights. One can only hope that the comments which have been made on the draft rules are implemented. A copy of the release is quoted below:

Draft Rules in Respect of Sections 6a, 43a and 79 of the Information Technology Act Hosted on the Website of Department of Information Technology.PRESS NOTE

Several Media Reports and some editorials in leading newspapers have appeared during the last fortnight making certain observations and offering suggestions on some of the provisions of the draft rules.

Department of Information Technology has been following the practice of initially hosting the draft rules on its website and inviting comments from public. The draft rules are then finalized after taking into account the observations and comments received from public, organization and industry. Accordingly, the draft rules were published on the website of Department of Information Technology (DIT) on 6th February, 2011 inviting comments from the public by 28th February, 2011.

The comments received on the draft rules will be examined for appropriate incorporation when the rules are finalized.

Department of Information Technology New Delhi: Phalguna 30, 1932 ; March 21, 2011***

(Release ID :71158)

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