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Dear Readers/Lurkers,

We have permanently shifted from to

This blog started out more like a personal writing project, I remember titling it as “Apar gupta’s blog on law and technology” when it first started out in 2007. Along the way it has started being less about me, and more about law and technology. In 2008, I first dropped “apar gupta” from the title and later even shifted it to The blog remained hosted on my personal domain since it was more economical and I was lazy to shift it.

However, with time I have realized the importance of quality collaborative writing, and it would truly inequitable to expect others to write on a blog hosted on my personal domain. With these thoughts I recently registered and began the process of the shift. With the shift we hope to redesign and expand ILTB. We also hope the new website attracts more contributors and co-authors writing on true parity.

Thanks for tuning in!

Apar / Saptak

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