Approach Paper on Privacy Legislation

Facebook: The privacy saga continues

As widely reported a draft privacy law in India is in the works. It is being overseen curiously by the Department of Personnel & Training (DPT) which falls under the Ministry for Personnel, PG and Pensions. I will be posting my thoughts on this during the weekend. At present I am merely posting various materials which have emanated from the DPT website. I am re-posting them since, I found the links to be deeply embedded in the website and took quite bit of browsing to get to. Also what is curious is that the approach paper which is dated 18th October invited comments and discussions on it by 25th of the same month. This was further extended by a notification till the 28th. I personally found this extension of 3 days, a very short one and would have preferred more time to study the paper and develop a well researched and nuanced response to it.

Minutes of the discussions held by the department 21st July, 2010

[ipaper id=45906557]

Approach paper dated 18th October, 2010.

[ipaper id=45906444]

Notification on 25th October, 2010 on the extension of time.

[ipaper id=45906445]

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