Cyber Cafe Record Retention

District magistrate Chandigarh Administration, has prohibited the use of cyber cafes by unknown persons, whose identifications could not be established by the owners of the cafés. The café owners have been asked to maintain registers to establish identities of visitors/users by making entries regarding visitors’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and identity proofs. Visitors/users would make entries in their handwriting and would also sign the registers. The identities of the visitors would be established through identity cards, voter cards, ration cards, driving licences, passports or photocredit cards.

The Rationale:

When the net is accessed from a personal access account identity can be established, through the IP address (if the person is not a sophisticated hacker, tunneling through proxies at all) . In cyber cafes fixing the identity of the user through the machine is problematic due to the large number of users who use the same machine and access. So such measures of determining the identity of the person. Gujarat already has formed rules for regulation of cyber cafes, and I have personally seen the Delhi cops threatening a cyber cafe owner for not asking for an identity proof from his customers.

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