Thoughts on Lessig’s Talk @ Google Author Series

Recently I came across a video of an hour long presentation by Prof. Lawrence Lessig. It was extremely educative on his thoughts on culture in the market place, his thoughts on wiki’s, remixes, creative commons and copyright.

The presentation has a great structure, proceeding to always explain the fundamentals of a concept before proceeding to its analysis. The presentation slides containing, one phrase, per slide. The presentation design clearly emphasizes on a greater number of slides which change rapidly one per sentence! The effect of this was impressive, and audience interest does not ebb throughout the one hour long presentation.

The best part of the lecture was that it was interactive. Prof. Lessig. had used signature of popular culture illustrations (some not so popular like AMV’s) to explain his points. Highly Recommended, Okay let me sell this…. “If you have seen, titanic you lost two hours of your life, if you watch this maybe you can gain one back!”

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