Farewell Speech by the batch of 2002

Two caveats before I commence with the Farewell Address Caveat 1 — I am not first student or anything like that. I am one of my 80 classmates. Just because a choirboy sings at church does not mean he is more virtuous than the congregation. This is class address. By the batch of 2002. Caveat 2 — The speech will be like 3 minutes long. Don’t want to stretch the end to this long and winding road called law school. Let this be short and bittersweet.

I guess most of remember the first day when we stepped into the college. When we were sitting and filling up some orientation forms. We sat silently, rather than filing up those forms, we were sizing up each other. Silently passing judgement on others choice of attire. Thinking, “I will have to pass 5 years with these losers”. Oh how each one of us was, full of ourselves.

Then magnetism occurred. Each gravitated towards a group which shared something common. A nucleus around which we are revolved. A car pool, a cool dude, a hot chick, a case law, a rock band, a moot court competition. Though we were still to acquire things which we would most treasure from our long education.

Then supernova occurred. The nucleus split. The appearances washed away. There came clarity and there came a long term association. We got an often used word for it which is used quite liberally nowadays. But we truly after five years with each other know the meaning of it. We gained friendship. In this respect I am thankful I did not get through a national law school which was full of a batch of 80 aspiring corporate law clones. What we have in our batch is unique. 80 individuals. Each one of us has there own take on life and the law. This is what we have taken most fundamentally away from 5 years of law school. Friendship and toleration of another’s individualism.

We have also given a lot away and I am not talking about the innumerable internal tests or the project submissions or applications for attendance. We have given away our immaturity and truly realise now how to be professional. It’s really heartening to see that most of us have started balancing our lives. Law with Life and Life with Law. Especially in the last two sem’s I have seen a lot of people have become serious about academics and the law. The last year has been about balance. Some people survive in law school well we evolved in law school.

I know that a lot of people will identify with the emotions expressed in this speech. I know some will feel alien to the sentiments too. Though I hope that on this day when we step out of college each one can say, “Thank god I spent 5 years with these losers”. In conclusion I would like to quote the last para of one of the songs by one of my favorite all male bands, “the bare naked ladies” which is on their greatest hits album.

Don’t forget, no regrets (except maybe one)
 Made a deal, not to feel (god, that was dumb)
 Don’t forget, no regrets (except maybe one)
 Thanks that was fun. Thanks that was fun.

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