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No I wont spare the sentiment.. 5 years of law school ends soon, heres an, Adieu to Law School
Let me face it. I did not end up here by deliberate waltz I landed here by accident. Grow over the rationalisation and reinforcement. I rushed in here like a wild stallion. Oh how some were broken… broken by the realisations of an established hierarchy in the second semester… I was in for more Chinese method, broken by the gentle waves of the ten semesters. Since the word tsunami has been introduced in popular vocabulary, let me use it, for me the tsunami was the casual build up of conformism, evanescent when it first appeared.

Pebbles now we are, smooth in suit, slick in silk tie. No edges. Hah! I am a lot of things but not a clone. It’s the form that is similar. A black suit. A white shirt. A white band. Well and I can have some fun with the socks as long as it does not have a, “bart simpson” print on it. Yup… you corporate lawyers are excluded from this private analogy. Oh but I am different on composition. Look up the elemental range. Though that’s too simple… 5 years of statute made me a compound. Combustible, Inert, Mercurial… and quite Sulphuric. Masterfully crafted by the artisan’s of adversity. My constitution today has a basic structure that is beyond amendment. Used to perennial examination and evaluation it’s now me. Sluggard, no more, Sundays, well… no more.

The last year was most eventful, learned that examinations exist outside the classroom. Hmm… Though I didn’t score well, will pay the demand draft, and give a retest soon. Heading out, the walk is more deliberate, the lock of hair is more tended. Each foot is planted to grow. Innocence lost an education gained. I smile, the accident was pleasant… almost serendipitous. So let this be my time capsule… so when later on, when I reminisce… I don’t romanticise the past… I codify it.

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