A Primer on “the scene”

Lawyers often take on themselves of being the bulwarks of jargon, however it is ironic when they are faced with techno jargon. Well welcome to “the scene”, the jargon of the underground level of piracy networks, which release copyrighted material which peculates to the netizens.It is common knowledge that most movies available on the internet are a blatant infringement of copyrights. Though what is not common knowledge amongst lawyers are the mechanics of copyright piracy on the internet or how it is more commonly referred to as, “the scene”. The file which contains the movie itself reveals a lot of metadata about the scene, usually (a) the name of the movie; (b) the source, dvd, dvd screener etc. © the release group (d) output format.

For eg.

Name of the Movie: 10 Items or Less
Nature of the Movie: Limited Release on less than 1000 theatres in the United States
Source: DVD Rip
Output Format: XVID (the name of the codec)
Release Group (The Pirates): iMBT (usually an acronym)

I have also compiled a list of scene abbreviations to help out the tech lawyer.

In case the utility of the post is being questioned, the simple logic for putting up this info is that such metadata (contained in the filenames of the movies) can be useful for lawyers as well as companies hoping to plug the leaks in distribution of pirated movies. Hacking the jargon and not the law this time around…

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