Its not Myopic Vision, Its Just Cancer


In the highly enjoyable bestseller, Freakonomics, the authors, set out several hidden cause and result relationships. Chapter 4: Where Have All the Criminals Gone, describes how the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which legalised the right to abortion(s) can be credited, to, “tipping the scales”, against the rising crime graph in the United States. I recently was thinking such a freak outcome, albeit non serendipitous result, when I read in a national daily the direction of the Delhi High Court to ban tinted glasses in motor vehicles to the, Govt. of NCT., Delhi. The news piece which is not available on the internet, stated that irrespective of opacity, all tinted glasses on windows would be banned, effective 9th April. This reversed the previous level of opacity allowed at 35%. The rationale set out was that crimes (rape, outraging the modesty of women) were being committed in moving vehicles by anti-social elements.Notwithstanding, that I am opposed to the logic itself (most of of the criminal activities take place, in vehicles which have glasses films far exceeding 35% opacity) on which the ban proceeds, I thought that the summer heat, though the primary reason is not the sole one for the installation of films in motor vehicles. They also serve the function of filtering the harmful UV Rays. While I am not a scientist or claim to have verifiable primary or secondary data, this does form a disturbing hypothesis. How the ban on screens on the windows of vehicles gives a rise to cases of skin cancer. Several causes(as to the results) listed in the Freaknomics often escape credit, by trained practitioners in their given field, in my opinion this is caused by a rigid adherence to conventional wisdom rather than a myopic vision.

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