The Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2011

As a panelist at the Bangalore Cyber Security Summit, I recently shared my take on the 2008 amendments to the Information Technology act. The session which was titled as a SWOT Analysis of the IT Amendment Act, 2008 saw a confluence of expert speakers such as Mr. Pavan Duggal, Ms. N S Nappinai and Mr. Talwant Singh. The panel talk was moderated by Mr. NA Vijayashankar. I focused my talk on the recent blocking of websites as purportedly ordered by the Ministry of Telecom. While focusing on the deficiencies in the present system and suggesting reform, I relied on the model of a public notice through a gazette notification and creating a right to appeal for the public as contained under Secs. 95 and 96 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. I am attaching a copy of the PPT of the presentation below. The images have been removed due to copyright concerns (the slide titled as weakness pictured ashish nehra).

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